MUSE: Zippora Seven

The New Zealand born native is not just about her controversial underage topless photo shoot for RUSSH magazine, she is also the kiwi versions of kate moss just younger, sexier and edgier. She has graced the pages of publications such as french vogue, frankie, pulp,lucire and pavement.

french vogue.


room for one please.

Theres something about uk based designers that make me want to leap frog over the pacific to steal their clothes. and designer Motel is one I would swim great lengths for, their clothes are a milkshake of 80's punk, dots, floral, lace and gorgeous tulip shapes.



mink pink summer 08/09 collection

okay so I know this is old news, I just never thought to make a post of it. which is stupid considering I LOVE this collection and already own a few pieces from it.

but no one can deny mink pink has outdone itself for shizzle.



a dash of lace, a dash of tux.

black white colour scheme. lace. bows and all the jazz...

bow tux by frankiedee


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