nights in dont save money

I think I would save more money not staying in on weekends, as I just spend my money on shoes anyway...


oh love love love

I'm already obsessed.

From The Mountain


my new shoes.

I stumbled upon these randomly on eBay, and just went and straight to bidding on them. had nice chats to the seller, cant wait to receive these babies next week.

peace xx


punks not dead

celebration of twenty one years.


what did you say

best remix.


mrs vicious





Christoper Kane for Topshop

images via

shake it like a polaroid picture

owning a polaroid camera is one of the best and expensive things anyone can posesse.
but while they charge almost three dollars a polaroid, the end result is a photo that lasts forever and can never be retouched, edited or chosen for a better shot out of the hundreds most people take for that perfect picture of themselves. And that's the joys of film cameras, which themselves are being reproduced into the digital age of faux polaroids, a cool little gimic even I've played with at times, but they will never truely replace the polaroids plastered on my backdoor. :)))

je suis

I have 4 pairs of lace bell bottoms that I made and would call them a somewhat obsession.

I love to make headgear, DIY earrings and necklaces with fringing, feathers, faux pearls etc.

I'm self taught in regards to how I learnt to operate a mobile phone, how to take a picture and how to sew, now I just need to learn how the on earth twitter works I still cant even decipher the page itself.

I refuse to own real fur even if its vintage, lady at a vintage store once told me a bunch of fox fur coats got donated to the local animal shelter as winter beds for the animals because she refused to sell them herself, best use for fur clothing I have ever heard of.

I love reading blogs more than magazines, its not just the economic value but the fact its a singular perspective on a persons creative juices.

I live for chai tea and sushi.

there is gypsy running through my veins.

life in general is amazing.

alter ego

so JLO ha decided her alter ego is Lola, Beyonce decided it was Sasha Fierce and well I wont lie she's pretty fierce in general so natural choice. for me Charlie is my pseudo alter ego in the blogsphere slash lookbook slash world wide web. I love creativity, fashion, design and yes I am currently stalking christopher kane drowling on my computer like a thousand other girls and boys are I'm sure. And really my blog, as neglected as it is as times is pretty much a place for me to vent my creative ventures as the blogsphere is my haunt for inspiration and ideas. And I'm sure this is the same for most bloggers, lookbookers and yes flickr account users (minus me I cant get back into my own account again, reoccuring issues between me and yahoo will never cease). I dont normally write much on my posts, normally more interested in posting photos and writing "LOVE" a million times next to it. But this is just a random rant about my appreciation for all this WWW.



that dominatrix feeling

after an afternoon of studding while watching housewives of atlanta, and having the sorest fingers after I have finished my studded leather look bustier. it was well worth it and I caught up on all the housewife dramas of atlanta.

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