happy new year.

What I learnt from another year.
to love ourselves for who we are. We are beautiful the way we were made inside and out.
not to pity those who dont believe this but remind them every day until they see what we see.
that true love will
come again and when it does come along can be the greatest and most disastrous thing ever. But in the end
its what you make from it that counts, because once you've loved and been loved that bond will never been broken
even if you don't get that fairytale ending.
we only live once, so if you want to up and leave than go. fly across the
country. go to france for university. dont hold back your life for anyone. its your life so live it.
No matter how angry you may get at the people you love if you can laugh about it later than they are the people you
want to be with for the rest of your life.
Be creative, be free, be yourself. Ripp your jeans, put studs where they
don't belong, write a blog because you can. Share what you have, and let others share with you, it can make
for some of the greatest inspiration. Dont worry about who wore it first, and originality.
Fashion is never stagnant,
it may repeat, it may copy, but each new look however old it may seem has something unique added by the person who rocks it.

and most of all LOVE LIFE and SMILE.

(listening to Drive My Soul - Lights)



theres something about tallulah.

Tallulah Morton to be exact. Shes the girl that plagues all those amazing shots by mark the cobrasnake on his site. Shes tall, amazing and is better than Corey Kennedy ever will be. So I did some googling on the girl, and minus the controversies of her underage partying. She has been touted by Mark the cobrasnake as being better than the 5 muses put together that he's rumoured to surround himself & his lense. This musing coupling came together when the two met in Paris late febuary and "rode bikes and ate lots of bread" together.

Heres some facts on this amazing girl.

. shes australian.
. shes 17.
. has opened for Josh Goot.
. has starred in Russh (x2) and Follow Publications.


new year resolution

The vogue calender is the only thing I want to own for next year. I cannot imagine a year without it now on my bedroom door. And to make it even more lustfully necessary my most favourite photographer Terry Richardson is the man behind the lense for these oh-so-amazing pics.


so if anyone knows how to get their hands on one without me having to relocate to France and scrummage old copies of french vogue for it please let me know. :)))





J'adore Henrik Purienne

his work is amazing. his photos are to die for. yes he bares the occasional nudist and so what, who couldnt love this....


(photos - Henrik Purienne)

summer daze.

LC -
Vintage Dress
Wittner Gladiator Flats
Vintage Purse

Me -
Vintage Black Vest
DIY Chain Top
SES Cut Off Denim Shorts
Gladiator Flats (ebay)
Rubi Purse


sunshine, chains & rippps.




she a year shy of no longer a teen and shes already dressed better than most
girls who have migrated from those "teen" years. She shreds her jeans, wears
black on black and make it works. I am in love with this girls originality and


the mules.

have found purpose, my shoes that is. Thanks to my new friend who conveniently has the same inbetween shoe size as myself dived into my collection of shoes and teamed them with her cute floral waisted skirt I picked out during our op shopping date on wednesday she has given me inspiration on how to wear my mule like heels.

black is the new black.

maybe I'm just in mourning over the fact my best friend from high school is engaged (congrats by the way) before me. But I havent left the house without 50 per cent or even my whole outfit being black. It started off with a black underslip ive been wearing as a dress almost everyday and layering on top of, or my new pants from dotti which are a big change from my skinny jean ways. I have found the light.

more photos soon :)))

in other news I was greeted this sunny morning by a little box from china which has my new holga camera. Cannot wait to take it up to newcastle to the boats port for some sailor esque photos.

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