lifes a beach

photos taken with my fish eye


dream a dream with me

vintage edwardian dress

its just wrong its right

power shoulders, cut off jumpsuit from the 80's. leopard print.
all the fashion dont's in my book, of what i dont mix together due to a bad 80s mix.
and yet this, this is so so right.
in love xxx

eeny meeny mineeey moooo

to chop or not to chop...really digging the possiblity of boy like cropped hair that I can hawk up....

oh yummmmmyyyyy

Giuseppe Zanotti



hardcore heartbreaker

so I'm back to been a vegetarian after watching "meet my meet" via
the videos are a real eye opener to how animals are treated unfairly just for mass production to stock our supermarkets and dinner plates.
these are photos I took last night, unedited just in black and white on the camera.
later skaters xxxxx


just some shots

photos I took ages ago of Lola in some headgear.

dead roses

my bustier, my inspiration


dropkick homequeen

the rainbow effect

new camera filters arrived in the mail, one of them being a rainbow one.


coin laundry boy

love this girl and her music.

k i s s i n g spells this


pouring through

the perfect replacement for curtains + irena sophia


spring cleaning

latest things.


just hold my hand

in the end all you have is your friends, and all those stories only they get.

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