dead roses

my bustier, my inspiration


Talila said...

Im totally in LOVE with your bustier and fabric choice. I saw thia on but don't have an account. I was windering if you could send me the pattern for it. That would be great thanks!

BOSS said...

Hey i was wondering the same as Talila could you also send me the pattern or just put it here? i saw you on lookbook and thought it was hot! PLUS i love your blog so ill add you to my list on mine

LYDIA! said...

omgomg, i love it esp. the floral fabric print. whatta dream.
i'd also like the pattern! > thanxxx!

nessQ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hola, same again as above if you please?
Love the design and i've got some old curtain fabric lying around.

Tatty, Megs.x

Anonymous said...

Completley mixed up my adresses.
ta muchly.x

Anonymous said...

hey, i love your style!
could i also trouble you for the pattern? thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with this.
Please send me the patterns too?

Anonymous said...

Heya :) I was wondering the same as the others. I've actually been looking at a similar item at sportsgirl, but it was $69.95 - seriously over priced for something so small.

I'd appreciate it heaps if you could email me the pattern :)

THANKYOU, in advance.

Anonymous said...

In LOVE! Me too please, if possible.

Thank you mucho!


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