stuff dreams are made of

I miss sunny afternoons with a cool spring breeze x

apologies S and B

I made my own version of your bandage dress in velvet.
I'm sorry the velvet made me.


DIYYY: fringe necklace.

All you need is some chain, lots of glue and thread. Oooh and of course the fringing, put it all together and this was my result...


when I grow up

Inspired by "when I grow up" by fever ray.


run through the moss in high heels

I miss summer.

(photo cred: me,myself and I)


I eat cigarettes for breakfast

I heard they eat cigarettes is now online herrreeee!

I love when hot labels get tech savvvy, makes shopping so much easier for those of us who live in an entire different state, or even country for some.

I really love their boots though. This cold weather has got me boot crazy, I have the world's coldest feet!

booots boots and more bootssss

okay so I love these boots....very emma cook but not emma cook and not selling on ebay for 700 dollars...yes thats how much the last pair of emma cook boots for topshop I was ebay stalking went for. So if your a lucky size 7 check them out heerrrreeee.....


its cold out

but the sun is still shining....

I see france, I see leopard

finally wore my leopard coat/shrug/crop/whateevvvvaaa its meant to be. I was expecting a full coat to arrive when I brought it off ebay this is what I got instead, and really no complaints it was unexpected and somehow even more perfect than I imagined.


feathers feather and stuffff

No idea where I found this, but I seem to have a bit of collection of random photos of mischa running around on my hard drive. I'm really digging this native indian vibe as of late, so much so I've made my own feather headband from earrings.


kiss it


grunge. rocker. punk. goth chicccccc.

plus this chickies hair is just a teeny tad amazing!

it gets better...

Evil Twin is now online....check it here

thats one step closer to online shopping and hopefully to these beautiesssss.


the boootsss

I need boots exactly like these! To bad their a size 6...chinese foot bondage anyone?
(photo cred: etsy)


some more alice

alice dellal

love this girl. the punk. the style. the everything.

boy I miss using my polaroid camera. Shall put "buy film for camera" on my to do list.

I'm off to buy some more fringingggggg.

I have the feverrr

FEVER RAY = amazinnnngggggggggggggggg
dig this clip of theirs toooo.

little black dresses

two latest purchases, I'm pretty excited for the postman to deliver them to my doorstep, its been awhile since we converseddd....


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