just buckle me up and never let go

all I have to say is how frigggggin amazing are these!
just randomly decided to check on my neglected etsy.
type in "leather ankle boots 8".
and voila, wham bam thank you mam I found these.
I had to take a second look just to make sure I had found them.
in my size.
with the triple buckles, not the mention the buckles.
and in black.
and now mine, and soon to be in the mail crossing the pacific ocean.
oh karma is liking me today, alot.
I was eyeing off a pair from ebay for 120.
not to mention topshops version of them.
all alternatives too of course the chloe boots ala erin wasson via the selby.
dont lie we've all daydreamed wearing them.
and well all these version are 1/100th of the price tag, google it if you dare you will see your bank account burning in front of you, and the debt collectors knocking.
but studded or not, you cant go past a perfect pair of buckle boots.
in my opinion at least.
I know what I'll be wearing in leu of my lace up combat boots this spring.


boots below from top bottom are chloe, topshop in black and red, they also come in white and blue all available online, the last two pairs are via ebay store viper online.


the last unicorn

one of my favourite movies watch here

oh happy days

I jail broke my way back into my flickr account FINALLY.
uploading photos as I write this.
so stupid but I had all the details right was just missing an extra "i" because I now spell charlie with two "i" s.
and for some reason natasha bedingfield "put your arms around me" is playing on my itunes.
it reminds me of my first love.
I use to play her album pocketful of sunshine religiously.
it seemed to suit the whole "first love" theme.


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Round flower power styled sunglasses aka the carrera are my pick for summer. It was clubmasters last summer, and wayfarer raybans the summer before that. I'm definitely buying the first pair, they remind me of amazingly good rips of the karen walker line of sunglasses dont you think...?

theres a hole in this plot

my partner in crime in colour.
we have the same jeans.
I have two pairs.
and she has one pair.
however hers are ripped and bleached.
and mine are a DIY in progress.
I'm off to find my bleach and sandpaper.


never a frown

Golden brown texture like sun
Lays me down with my mind she runs
Throughout the night
No need to fight
Never a frown with golden brown

Every time just like the last
On her ship tied to the mast
To distant lands
Takes both my hands
Never a frown with golden brown

Golden Brown by The Stranglers (La Folie)


dawning of a new day

some shots I took the other day.
they make me really miss summer.
I miss the feeling of hot sweltering days and the urge to move into a body of cool water.


just a taste of things to come

so I had one the best nights slash days with my bestfriend Lola.
it involved after hours vintage store shopping, op shopping the next day, brunch in the afternoon twice at two amazing cafes, a holiday house with beach front views of the whole coast, way to many photos, and all in all an amazing time. heres a snippet of some shots I took today, the rest will be uploaded onto my flickr when I can work out how to jail break my way back into my own account. sad I know but I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to having more than one user id, and why I love the fact my laptop saves all this information in one handy place. just not my flickr account, which is very frustrating.

well peace and love for all.



thicket of the fog

I cant sleep. its approx. 2.15 am. as in its the morning. as in I should be asleep. sleep that I need for my op shopping trip up the coast. which is today. being thursday. so instead of sleeping I have found a new interest. FOG. fog meet people, people meet fog. now I'm going to try and fall asleep to fever ray and enya. music does wonders sometimes.

sweet dreams all and all. x

just a fling

photos by a lovely boy of the name of Juan West, check his photos out HERE.


faint faint faint

so I'll save the sexual innuendo of me and my deep deep love for shoes. And I'll stick with my shoenvy of these images. I see some prada in there and colin stuart and well just everything that is good and right with the world thanks to these pairs of shoes, these many many pairs of shoes. I'm not sure what bank balance is required for this collection, and I think I may keel over and die of a heart attack if I saw the figures on paper. But I'll stick with my window shopping, lustful daydreaming of owning such a collection. So if anyones interested im single, only rich future husbands need only apply, preferbly those on death row, or happy to give me free use of a plantinum credit card.

(photo cred: dirtylittlstylewhore.)


"Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock."

dont deny it Elvis Presley was pretty hunky before the cheeseburgers got involved. My memories of him on screen always had him stereotyped as the heartthrob that swept the beauty off her feet with his guitar playing and sweet sweet vocals. Would be nice wouldnt it if our life was like an old movie, where the climax is a kiss and its the best part ever.


lost in space

vintage jumper. vintage combat boots. ripped jeans. cold night street antics.

joker and the thief

love two dollar shops. their two dollar feathers and their one dollar ribbon. add some glue in the mix and your a designated indian.

listening to - paul dempsey "ramona was a waitress"

lock those lips

Align Center

so black lips are one of those gimics I feel I could wear out. My friend Laura Lye rummaged through my make up bag and rediscovered my long lost black lippy. So we played dress ups and took some shots.



William Eggleston photography.


dreamy summer

This is my dream dress for this summer of road trips, hot days, hazy afternoons in the park, nights of warm breezes and the ocean. Now I only need two hundred smackeroos for this lovely. And this is the more modestly price vintage piece from this seller. One day maybe...

with friends like these and hair like that


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