star spangled banner

I like the idea of wearing the American flag in the form of clothing. I still cant get my head around wearing my own flag around the place, however in Australia our flag comes in the form of a bikini or the ingenious cape aka throwing the flag over your back. I'll stick with the temporary flag tattoos on Australia Day instead please and thank you.

(photo cred: FANDEATH, ebay)


KittyRobaith said...

Sometimes I think we Australians have more American pride than Americans themselves. If only the whole idea of Australian-flag clothing wasn't marketed so tackily here!!

CHARLIE said...

yeah its the tackiness i dont agree with. otherwise id wear it with more pride, even australia day seems to be a booze fest these days. there were riot police at my local australia day gathering near the beach due to drunken rowdiness in flags so sad.


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