just buckle me up and never let go

all I have to say is how frigggggin amazing are these!
just randomly decided to check on my neglected etsy.
type in "leather ankle boots 8".
and voila, wham bam thank you mam I found these.
I had to take a second look just to make sure I had found them.
in my size.
with the triple buckles, not the mention the buckles.
and in black.
and now mine, and soon to be in the mail crossing the pacific ocean.
oh karma is liking me today, alot.
I was eyeing off a pair from ebay for 120.
not to mention topshops version of them.
all alternatives too of course the chloe boots ala erin wasson via the selby.
dont lie we've all daydreamed wearing them.
and well all these version are 1/100th of the price tag, google it if you dare you will see your bank account burning in front of you, and the debt collectors knocking.
but studded or not, you cant go past a perfect pair of buckle boots.
in my opinion at least.
I know what I'll be wearing in leu of my lace up combat boots this spring.


boots below from top bottom are chloe, topshop in black and red, they also come in white and blue all available online, the last two pairs are via ebay store viper online.


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