thicket of the fog

I cant sleep. its approx. 2.15 am. as in its the morning. as in I should be asleep. sleep that I need for my op shopping trip up the coast. which is today. being thursday. so instead of sleeping I have found a new interest. FOG. fog meet people, people meet fog. now I'm going to try and fall asleep to fever ray and enya. music does wonders sometimes.

sweet dreams all and all. x


Clara said...

nice pics.
great blog!

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

thanks a lot for your comment and great blog and pics by the way!

miss_vogue said...

ohhh these are beautiful!

thembi said...

hello hello,
i just came across your blog and i have to say i like it. you've really avoided the highly pretentious and wanky attitude that a lot of blogs come across with. and i like fog! haha. x

Jodes said...

Hi sweet

She ordered them from the Patricia Feild website and had them shipped over from the states......not sure if they are still on the site though.


ashleigh said...

oh i'm so intrigued by fog aswell! i live in a small estate with plenty of open land and horses & it's such an eerie feeling when it's completely foggy, it looks like the world just drops off.

great photos:)

p.s sounds like we both suffer from insomnia, 2am & i are great friends.


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