new year resolution

The vogue calender is the only thing I want to own for next year. I cannot imagine a year without it now on my bedroom door. And to make it even more lustfully necessary my most favourite photographer Terry Richardson is the man behind the lense for these oh-so-amazing pics.


so if anyone knows how to get their hands on one without me having to relocate to France and scrummage old copies of french vogue for it please let me know. :)))


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

cool she has my name !! ^_^ "Taryn"
thanks for visiting my blog.

irene said...

Lovely blog!

I add you to my favourites!


A dreamer said...

i love it bubt i hate it at the same time.

FRANKIE. said...

thats what makes Terry Richardson so fabulous he's always boundary pushing with his photos you either love it or hate it. x

LoveMore said...

thanks frankie! it is just a digital camera, but one with a slightly bigger lense..but i changed the lighting on the computer a little. love this calender post! :) xxx

Fleurr De Lux said...

Great blog!!

It usually comes as a free gift with the December Paris Vogue. That's how I got mine last year!

xo L


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