theres something about tallulah.

Tallulah Morton to be exact. Shes the girl that plagues all those amazing shots by mark the cobrasnake on his site. Shes tall, amazing and is better than Corey Kennedy ever will be. So I did some googling on the girl, and minus the controversies of her underage partying. She has been touted by Mark the cobrasnake as being better than the 5 muses put together that he's rumoured to surround himself & his lense. This musing coupling came together when the two met in Paris late febuary and "rode bikes and ate lots of bread" together.

Heres some facts on this amazing girl.

. shes australian.
. shes 17.
. has opened for Josh Goot.
. has starred in Russh (x2) and Follow Publications.


fashionaddicted. said...

really love your pictures too!
thank you :)

i just use a normal digicam (8,1 megapixel)
i just use a delayed-action shutter release

because im really shy even my sister tooks pictures of me xD

love, alice.

irene said...

I love tallulah! I also think she is the best cobrasnake's muse, she is so natural and sweet.


Girl next blog said...

She's such a muse!

And I can't believe she is just 17!


Stompface said...

yeah I think she is beauty.
Its crazy to think she is only 17.
she is living a wild life already.

and yes being in russh is such an amazing thing. gosh I love that magazine.


Goldie Locks said...

whoa 17??? she is lovely though!

Song of Style said...

I HEART her eyebrows.

Kate said...

That Mark guy has a thing for young girls hey...


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