je suis

I have 4 pairs of lace bell bottoms that I made and would call them a somewhat obsession.

I love to make headgear, DIY earrings and necklaces with fringing, feathers, faux pearls etc.

I'm self taught in regards to how I learnt to operate a mobile phone, how to take a picture and how to sew, now I just need to learn how the on earth twitter works I still cant even decipher the page itself.

I refuse to own real fur even if its vintage, lady at a vintage store once told me a bunch of fox fur coats got donated to the local animal shelter as winter beds for the animals because she refused to sell them herself, best use for fur clothing I have ever heard of.

I love reading blogs more than magazines, its not just the economic value but the fact its a singular perspective on a persons creative juices.

I live for chai tea and sushi.

there is gypsy running through my veins.

life in general is amazing.

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