it's all in the back.

whether its chained, ripped, ladders, or criss cross straps. I cant get enough of a LBD with back detail.

(images ASOS, EBAY and GOOGLE)


Twiggy Mod said...

Im liking thses dresses sweet, i used to love wearing backless i have no boobs so didnt have to worry about the bra part so much, but I burnt my back quite badly on holiday and have a few scars that im abit concious about :( boooo xxxx

irene said...

I love the first and the last ones!

the perfect outfit for a party!


LoveMore said...

JESUS - I WANT THAT FIRST DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing, wow. xxx LM

Kate said...

Oh god, neither can I. You should see my wardrobe. Black dress, black dress, black dress, black dress with a bit of white on it. So on and so forth.. I like the third dress best, can you send me the link??
Kate x

Rita said...

great source of pics and style!

FRANKIE. said...

the last two dresses are from just search "backless dress" and you'll find a bunch of them.

but I agree with wearing backless things, I have no boobs either so backless is my version of cleavage.



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